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It is also possible for you to share assets by sending them to RS7fq8aeJXeDpur4K2o9eX1x2siuY89Niq

NOTE: There has been some questionable attempts to misuse the faucet. All assets sent to the faucet will be audited due to potential misuse of the service.

This is an experimental service which has been created just for fun for the sole intent of people sharing test asset tokens on the ravencoin mainnet. By sending tokens to this faucet you understand that you may only do so in the case that your asset is for the use of testing purposes only. Or sending to your friends for some fun. This is not a production exchange however you can distribute test assets on this faucet.

we are experiencing unprecedented demand presently. Please be patient when using the service, it might be slower than usual! Coin Balances
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